Industrial Building Solutions Limited takes pride on having a regular, repeat business client base. Numerous testamonials have been made by our clients over the years to our technically professional approach, organised, safe site activities leading to sucessful completion of their projects.

Here are a few written copy examples...

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Here are a few quotations from our clients...

Roger from Hill Farm Orchards had this to say about us.


Since you completed your work I have had an opportunity to inspect the installation of the new roof for the Packhouse.

I would like to congratulate you on an excellent job, of particular note was the treatment of the bargeboard flashings at the gable ends and the way you tied them in with Dave Mellish's new gutter.

Thank you for the attention you gave to our project.

Kind Regards,

Roger Dobson

Rachel from Petersfield said...

"The team from Industrial Building Solutions were competent, knowledgeable and professional and carried out reliable and very satisfactory repairs. They were also very good at coming up with cost-effective solutions to problems yet gave sound advice where fixing something in the short term would be a false economy."

Mr Adrian Trise, client of the Modern Single-ply Roof Project at Fareham says:

...I would also like to add that as a company you were very responsive to our initial contact, quotation process and project and I would consider your support and integrity as a business to be first class.

If the NFRC want to do an interview or reference I would be delighted.

Regards Adrian

We would be pleased to provide any further referrals necessary as part of a "vetting" process to any new clients considering using our expertise.

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