Sheeting & Cladding Case Studies

Industrial Building Solutions Ltd has been involved with many great builds and refurbishments over the years, here are just a few of them.

The Royal Motor Yacht Club, Sandbanks

This project involved the refurbishment of what was a pre-second world war seaplane hangar. Built in the early 1930's, the timber and steel structure was clad in asbestos cement sheeting with slates fitted to its original six dormers.

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Industrial Building Solutions Limited were requested by the client to investigate various covering options that would be in-keeping with its original design, heritage and planning limitations. After great consideration, Eternits Profile Six (P6R) Fibre Cement products were selected to keep as close as possible to the original roofing. Although considerably faded, the existing roof sheeting was a terracotta colour to which the Eternit painted range was selected in its equivalent. Natural daylight was provided by increasing the inplane Filon GRP rooflight areas and dismantling and removing 5 of the original 6 dormer units. Given the buildings age the structure was found to be in excellent condition requiring only isolated changing of supports. The vertical cladding was also replaced at the seaward gable end with the addition of new over cladding to the opposite gable finished in Corus HPS200 "White" profiled to the unusual CA 50/950 half round profile. Finally, the entire floor slab was replaced by Keith Knight Civil Engineering of Poole to create a modern boat shed storage facility for the club.

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David Phipp Furnishers, Ferndown

When David Phipp extended his retail facility at Ferndown he wanted to be able to keep it on a traditional footing aesthetically to match the rest of the buildings.

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The "orangery" building was constructed using a modern steel frame design by W.S.X. Structural of Bournemouth. Industrial Building Solutions Limited were asked to look at the roof coverings and proposed to the client the Kingspan KS1000 RT panel. This product combined the modern approach to roofing with its guaranteed insulation performance but externally a traditional finish in its tile shaped outer sheet. Finished in "Anthracite" dark grey it complemented the adjacent roofs creating a centrepiece to the building complex. The use of the mage purpose designed low profile coloured head fasteners kept the fixing locations both minimal and unobtrusive adding considerably to the finished appearance. The addition of the glazed atrium and Kingspan hip details gave the roof its striking visual finish. Industrial Building Solutions Limited also utilised the same panel for a project for Dorset County Council at Beaucroft School, Colehill to similar effect.

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DLH Cars & Commercials

The client has occupied the building for vehicle repairs and servicing activities since it was built in the early 1980's. The roof construction is an Eternit double six metric asbestos cement sheet laid over a 'celotex-type' rigid insulation board. The majority of the roof is in good order and watertight.

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The main area of leakage was the rooflights which had begun to breakdown, distort and split. Eight out of ten roof leaks can generally be attributed to the rooflight area on most industrial buildings.

Removal and replacement of matching profile new rooflight units. GRP was chosen over the existing PVC products to provide better U.V resistance to ageing and discoloration together with an increased service life and weatherability factors. A second issue was a later installation of GRP vent unit. This had been fitted and weathered poorly resulting in a continued problem since its fitting.

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Red Kite Vehicle Workshops

This project consisted of the need to provide new roof coverings to an old asbestos cement clad building. Natural daylight had also been reduced to a minimum due to the age and condition of the existing rooflights. Removal of the coverings were impractical although the weight of these coverings was at maximum load design for the structural steel frame.

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I.B.S.L. chose Filon's over-roofing system. As manufactured in a GRP material, it added no significant weight to the roof area. The over-roof sheeting could also be produced in a profile (Atlas major tile) to match the existing which meant the rooflight pattern in place could be followed simply. Improvements to the natural daylight were achieved by firstly replacing the existing rooflights with a GRP Class 1 product and including a GRP Class 3 light above. This not only led to increased daylight to the workshop area, but also eliminated condensation problems that had occurred with the original single skin rooflights. Partial overcladding of the vertical elevations was also carried out to create a modern appearance.

The final roof coverings provided the Client with a watertight, long term solution to the buildings ingress problems without disruption of the day to day activities.

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Hembury Stud Farm

The client had converted two agricultural buildings to industrial use approximately five years ago. The main issue was the existing asbestos cement roof sheeting was approaching the end of its lifespan and in some cases sheets were not completely watertight affecting the structure and inside of the building. An additional problem was the thermal performance, which, due to their original use, was very poor.

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I.B.S.L. recommended upgrading of the building to the following specification:

  1. Installation of a spacer system over the existing asbestos cement sheeting to the main structure.
  2. Provisions of additional glasswool insulation, 86mm thickness, to provide a significant increase in thermal performance and long-term saving on heating costs in the winter months.
  3. Installation of an external 0.7mm thickness British Steel colorcoat profile together with matching flashings/trims giving the client a quality finish supported by the confidex guarantee.

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Refurbishment of St Michaels Workshops

This project consisted of removal of the existing asbestos cement and fibre board linings to the roof and walls of a vehicle workshop damaged by fire. At the same time, the need arose to replace the roof purlins and clean down and paint the exposed original structure.

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Once preliminary works had been carried out and purlins replaced via a full boarded scaffold to the entire surround and under the roof area, installation of the new sheeting could commence.

I.B.S.L. chose Euroclad's 1000/ 19 Bright White liner and 1000/ 32 profiles for the external cladding. Constructed prior to April 2002 the replacement cladding was installed to achieve a 0.45 "U" value. The use of trimline eaves gutters and matching flashings in the same corporate colour were used to complete the envelope. Natural daylight for the workshop had been an ongoing problem previously with the old rooflights letting minimal light enter the building. Installed with the new roof were Filon's twin-skin matching profile GRP rooflights which have significantly improved the working area for the mechanics.

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Bear, Lion and Eagle Courts, Basingstoke

The project consisted of a major upgrade and refurbishment of 5 no 'blocks' of mono-pitched, curved eaves Industrial Units.

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The primary reason for the work was the units were constructed in the early to mid 1970's were clad in asbestos cement and were 'dated' in appearance. This together with one block being derelict had a severe impact on the client being able to let or rent the properties. Secondly numerous ad-hoc repairs had been made over the years to keep the buildings watertight adding to the poor quality of the appearance. To 'modernise' the buildings it was decided to replace in full the coverings to the derelict building of Eagle Court and over clad the remaining buildings of Lion and Bear Courts.

For Eagle Court the roofing and cladding was replaced with a double-skin system comprising of a 0.7mm thick walkable steel lining panel, insulation to correct regulations and an external steel colorcoat sheet with curved eaves detailing. For both Lion and Bear Courts a similar approach was adopted by over-roofing/over-cladding the coverings again, using an external steel colorcoat sheet with curved eaves. Industrial Building Solutions Limited initially proposed to the client the use of Tata Panels and Profiles R32/1000 profile materials which were additionally enrolled under the Platinum Warranty system. These together with contrasting coloured flashings, new G600 galvanised steel external gutters and cloaking trims presented the client with a modern envelope supported by a meaningful long-term combined materials and workmanship guarantee. Industrial Building Solutions Limited working with Kier Moss Construction were able to refurbish the 8,500m2 of clad areas whilst Kier undertook the new glazing and finishes to the doorways and internal areas.

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Ampteam, Unifold Gutter Linings

Many Industrial buildings suffer from ingress and leaks via in-board or valley situated steel gutters. The reasons for this can vary from corrosion of the steel substrate, poor joints or rusting connections or just simply lack of maintenance over the years.

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Industrial Building Solutions Limited have been installing the Unifold lining system successfully for many years to a wide number of clients gutters.

The benefits of the system primarily as we envisage are that it can be designed to fit into the existing gutter shape and be installed without disturbing the existing, watertight roof sheeting – unlike many other lining products.

Once installed it is corrosion free, being an E.P.D.M. material. This has significant benefits for industrial gutters which do 'pond' given they are installed off or fitted to the supporting steelwork. This is not detrimental to the E.P.D.M. material.

Another benefit is that, as the lining is bonded to a steel backing or substrate it does not expand or distort. This in our experience occurs with other systems which have created problems with both reduced capacity and issues at junctions with outlets.

Industrial Building Solutions Limited as an Approved Ampteam installer can also offer a 20 year warranty to all installations giving our clients real long-term peace of mind. This has been practised on a wide range of projects either inconjunction with replacement coverings or as a stand-alone lining system.

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Kiwi Primary School, Bulford

The general upgrading and refurbishment to a 1960's built 2-storey height assembly hall building at a primary school in Wiltshire.

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The original roof coverings consisted of fully supported copper roof sheets, 'seamed' set out upon an insulation board laid over a timber rafter, bracing and cross beam support structure, all forming a 15 deg double pitch roof. A boundary wall/internal gutter was in place together with One No. brick built chimney unit.

The roof was suffering from high levels of ingress and had begun to break down. In some cases localized copper sheet repairs had been undertaken as a temporary weathering. The gutter had continued to leak for several years despite previous attempts by others to rectify.

Inspection by the Architect concluded the existing roof could not be stripped off due to exposure of the wooden floor and main hall below. Similarly, a ceiling, (which was to remain), precluded the ability to deploy internal scaffolding or safety netting. Therefore, it was proposed to over-lay the existing with a new insulated roof covering.

The areas of concern which needed to be addressed were:

  • To be able to structurally 'connect' the new roof to the existing 'structure' given the location, height and building usage.
  • To improve the thermal performance to a minimum of 0.25 'U' value.
  • To ensure the new coverings were in-keeping with the surrounding buildings and present a limited maintenance requirement given the height involved.

Several options were reviewed prior to agreeing upon the following key decisions and component choices being made.

  • The structural connections were formed by manufacturing and installing 2mm thickness galvanised steel top hat sections from ridge to eaves. These were fabricated in a reduced top table sizing to allow each to be overlapped or 'sleeved' by 200mm for added strength. Each top hat was installed using isolating/barrier tape to the bottom flanges (to avoid contact with the copper), additionally infilled with insulation material prior to being fixed using austenitic stainless steel self-drilling fasteners at the agreed centres. Additional stainless steel self-drilling fasteners were used at each sleeve position to further interlock the components. The top hat units were set out at initially 600 centres at exposed verge positions moving out to 1,200mm centres in the field across the roof slope from verge to verge. Once fixed, the spacer bar system was selected. This was based upon a 120mm deep bracket mounted onto the 60mm deep top hat units; again using 2 no stainless steel self-drilling fasteners. Once done, Ash and Lacy halters were set out using the guide tool, again fixed using stainless steel self-drilling fasteners.
  • The above created the necessary cavity for deployment of the tightly fitted 180mm thickness 10½ KG non-hygroscopic glasswool quilt to meet the u-value requirements.
  • The external roof sheet chosen was the 'Ashzip' standing seam system. This was selected due to its limited exposed fastener design and clean uninterrupted lines. For longevity and superior finish, Corus HPS200 colorcoat was opted for in BS12B21 'Moorland Green'. This colour was selected to match as close as practical the original 'weathered' copper green finish on the adjacent building together with all associated flashings and trims.
  • For the chimneybreast, HPS200 Colorcoat 0.7mm thickness flat plate soaker trims and/or flashings were utilized followed by 'chased-in' code 4 leadwork to each side.

The in-board boundary wall gutter was 'lined' using an Apteam, Unifold EPDM system. This included factory fabrication of 2 No. box sumps that were hidden inside the roof void. These discharged water from the gutter via a PVC-U internal pipe into external hoppers.

Finally, the original PVC half-round gutters and downpipes were removed. These were replaced with a similar half round PVC-U product finished in 'black' as a contrast colour to compliment the roof sheeting and present a harmonized finish.

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Flat Roofing Case Studies

Over the last 4 years Industrial Building Solutions Limited have been actively and steadily growing our project portfolio of installing modern single ply roof systems. By selecting the use of market leaders in single ply roofing within the UK with a proven, strong range of system material specifications to suit all flat roof applications and Client expectations. Matched with comprehensive guarantees from a standard ten year upto twenty years, it allows us to once again provide our Clients with long-term peace of mind for their flat roofs.

We would be pleased to discuss any single ply requirements that you may have both now and in the future.

Recent projects completed include:

Wiltshire School

Following continuous lead thefts at a Wiltshire school, Industrial Building Solutions Limited were approached to carry out remedial works and provide a long-term replacement in materials that would not attract interest from thieves or theft.

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This involved detailing and retro-fitting a matching product single-ply membrane to the flat roof and to the upstand behind the rendered panels and window pods. Working with the contractor on site, this was successfully undertaken resulting in a cleaner, more aesthetic finish to the original waterproofing detailing and eliminating the previous problems for the school maintenance team in costly and numerous repairs.

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Fareham, Hampshire

The project brief originally envisaged a 'lead' fully supported roof covering for a new development near Fareham in Hampshire.

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However the issue of the roof being virtually flat together with numerous penetrations, rooflight curbs and upstands did not readily lend itself to lead. A modern single ply was chosen as a practical alternative giving more ability to form and carefully weather the design of the roof area. The membrane finish chosen was the superior 1.8mm thickness in a lead grey colour. Additionally, the feature ribs were added to the membrane surface at centres chosen by the Client in the same colour finish. This not only presented the image of a lead roof but allowed the overall aesthetics to be adjusted to give a cleaner and uncluttered finish effect to the roof envelope. The ability to also offer the Client a 20 year guarantee culminated in a completed project to all parties satisfaction. (see the client comments on our referrals page).

Pictures to follow shortly...

Ministry of Defence, Wiltshire

The project involved the refurbishment and recovering of 3 existing flat roofs for the ministry of defence in Wiltshire. The first major modern single ply project approached by Industrial Building Solutions Limited which was carried out in the very wet summer of 2012.

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It was complete on time to budget and the 15 year guarantee issued to a delighted Client. These illustrations give a practical indication of what can be achieved with existing, old felt covered roofs. We are also pleased to report that further projects have been received from this Client since our initial, successful completion of these first roofs.

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Hatheralls Yard, Chipping Sodbury

The project consisted of a new development of several retail units within a ‘courtyard style’ area off the main high street. Due to the restricted location the shape of the units were designed to achieve as much practical space as possible without the impression of over-crowding or over development. This led to a complex series of angled and different pitched roofs to the units involved.

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Given the development was in the heart of this Cotswold Market town, the overall aesthetics were of primary importance. There was a requirement to create a modern look to the buildings but to ‘blend-in’ with the traditional existing environment. Industrial Building Solutions Limited were approached at the very early stages for suggestions and design input to contribute to the overall brief from the Client. In particular, the roofing wanted to be a modern, insulated system but giving a feel of traditional aesthetics. This was particularly the case with unit 2 whose roof shape consisted of both flat and pitched shapes, coupled with 45 degree angles, internal hidden gutters and a detail where this new building met the rear of an existing building fronting the high street.

Given all these issues, Industrial Building Solutions Limited recommended installing the roof using one of our specialist single-ply membrane systems. This approach not only allowed us to effectively detail all the complex shape and pitch changes but to incorporate the in-board, hidden gutters as part of the weathering envelope – even the tricky detail with the new building junction was both dealt with and weathered in a non-obtrusive manner.

The chosen system allowed all of these challenges to be met and can be installed in a far more, long-term effective way than any conventional metal clad option to this style of roof. To also give the finished roof a more traditional appearance, the feature ribs were fitted to the finished membrane surface. These are partly cosmetic but mirror the standing seam style ribs of conventional or traditional fully supported roofs.

To complement the roofing, the vertical elevations were a combination of glazing and feature Cotswold stone walling or piers. Industrial Building Solutions Limited finished these areas with a combination of aluminium polyester powder coated fascias, soffits. capping’s and downpipes in matching and complimentary contrasting colours.

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